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Turn Up the BAKA




The owner of Radio Station BAKA. Became thus by getting lost within the station while delivering pizza. Lives in contant fear of finding the real owner of the station. Is disliked by Colonel Fluffy Scruffy Pants III, and gets hurt by him on a regular basis.



Cecil is the only one able to talk to the Colonel, due to his lack of sanity. When he gets it in his head to do something, almost nothing will stop him. Has an innate ability to get weapons from absolutly nowhere to accompish one of his possessive goals. Doesn't like clones for some reason or another, maybe he got scared by a petri dish as a child.

Colonel Fluffy Scruffy Pants III


A monkey who, oddly enough, is a war vetran. He even somehow managed to acheive the rank of colonel. Hates being called Fluffy, preferring his full name or just "The Colonel." Has an irrepressable need for bananas. Delievered to RSB in a box by Cecil.



A strange girl that popped up in RSB. From 1000 years in the past. Supposed demonic origins. Oblivious to her wings, as is everyone else. Seems to get along rather well with Spectre, though slight friction of personality is evident between Cecil and her. Has magical powers.



A half-saiyan girl. Has an evil twin named Mynra. Came to RSB looking for Mekania. Has the nick names of "Ris" or "Sika." Also has a mysterious green bear named Erin. Seems to be friendly to everyone all the time.



Mischevious and bent on making everyone's life miserable. Reminds one of the norse god of mischeif, Loki, only he wasn't as good at what he did. Is constantly confused with the kind hearted Risika at the victim's expense. Speaks in L33t exclusivly.



Though he seems quiet and reserved at first, his fortune early on in his adventuring career seems to give him a fair amount of cockyness. Though this trait originally could overcome most troubles, it later proved to be an enormous problem, as his superiority air tends to make him unpleasant to work with.



After the Captain of the "Scurvy" died, Edd followed a hobgoblin around in a band of his old shipmates. Edd was left a few steps behind of the rest of the crew as they all went through a strange portal, then Edd followed, needing to pursue his comrades. He was the navigator on the galleon so has developed an uncanny sense of direction. He's friendly and seems to do well with teammates. He never makes himeself out to be better than he is.



Something of a fanatic with his set ideals. Has a complete obsession of swords, of any shape and size, making him something of a collector. He was exiled from the shkar for having extreme methods for doing things, and wants to prove that he's right by storming the elven capitol. Seems devoid of ethics.

More characters will come, this is just all that you've seen so far...