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We got a lot of complaints about not being able to understand L33t, so we decided to throw in a L33t dictionary, regardless of the hundreds of gamers all around that will slay us for this...
I have received numerous death threats for putting this online. Im not sure if I should comply and be bullied around or get the crap kicked out of me because of being stubborn. Usually my cowardly side wins out so if I were you, I'd copy this and paste it in word before I change my mind.

A- @, 4
B- 8, b
C- [, c
D- |>, d
E- 3, e
F- f
G- 9, g
H- |-|, h
I- 1, I
J- J
K- |<
L- L, [
M- |\/|
N- |\|, n
O- 0
P- p
Q- q , kw
R- r
S- z, s, 5
T- t, 7
U- OO, |_|
V- \/, v
W- \/\/, w
X- x
Y- j, J
Z- z
Specific words
Yes - j0
You - j00
I - 3j3
Quit - |<\/\/17
Dude - D00D
Together - 2g37|-|3r
Two/To/Too - 2