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I would like to thank the first person to send in anything for my commentary, which happens to be Laurie Lue, sending in some suggestions for names for the girl. Due to me not seeing it soon enough (aka, i didnt think anyone would actually email me about it...)

- Laurie Lue
Do you plan on turning your webcomic into a comic book like Piro is with Megatokyo?
- Mrbond331
Spectre: Currently we have no plans to do so, in fact i seriously doubt we'll ever make RSB merchandise, though eventually cecil and myself might custom make a t-shirt or sweatshirt for ourselves (and maybe a hat for myself)
Are you going to make any RSB merchandise?
- hack2400
Spectre: See above.
Why do you only answer questions spectre? what about cecil?
- bobbykid
Spectre: because I am in charge of the web page. When i first accepted the concept of RSB, i knew i'd have most of the responsiblity as the lead artist and lead writer.